Fitness Pilates, mixed ability

7:25pm, Bethel Baptist Church, Swavesey

A wonderful class, using the whole body improving your strength, posture and increasing flexibility.

Mixed Circuits

8:30pm, Bethel Baptist Church, Swavesey

An excellent, fun and friendly class. Increasing both cardiovascular fitness, core stability and incorporating functional exercises to improve strength, flexibility and endurance.


Fitness Pilates, Mixed Ability

9:15am, Swavesey Memorial Hall, Swavesey

Fitness Pilates for Older Adults

10:20am, Swavesey Memorial Hall

A wonderful class specifically for older adults.

Gentle exercises and sequences, and a class full of adaptions, where we can modify whenever needed.

One of my favourite classes - we will help you become stronger and you will leave with a smile feeling lovely and relaxed :-)


Low Impact Dance Fitness

2:30pm Swavesey Memorial Hall

This class... well I just love it!

Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey and prefer a low impact class without any jumping or you are an older adult - WE LOVE THIS!!

We dance, sing, and generally have a fabulous time - you will leave tapping those toes.

Come along and join us


Mixed Ability Fitness Pilates

9:30am, St Andrews Church, Swavesey

An intermediate pilates class to set you up for the day!

 A health screening form will need to be completed on your first session or you can download via the website. All you need to do is wear the appropriate clothing and footwear and bring some water. Please notify your instructor at the beginning of any session should you have any injuries or problems that my affect you during the class.

A little video, to give you an insight into our classes and bootcamps

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