Wellbeing in the Workplace

What is it???

Did you know that stress is now the number 1 cause of sick leave in the UK, and is becoming a huge issue within the workplace.

Stress can turn itself into any number of physical manifestations including headaches, back and neck problems, eye strain and other more serious problems can arise.

Common problems that can occur include: -

  • Reduction in productivity
  • Sickness
  • Stress
  • Low staff morale
  • Increase in staff turnover.

How can we help?

Escential Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is proven to benefit both the staff and employer. As a taxable benefit, sessions can be offered to staff either as a bonus or at a subsidised rate. This is something we can sit down and discuss with you. Wellbeing in the workplace is known to improve: -

  • Concentration
  • Improved Wellbeing (both physical and pyscological)
  • Improved posture
  • Improved relations
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in staff morale - leading to a healthier and happier workplace

What can we do?

We offer a number of services to benefit both the employer and employee, with fitness sessions being available before work, during lunchtimes and after the working day. We can also visit your workplace and offer individual fitness sessions to staff at a pre-agreed rate.

For more information or find out how we can help you make your workplace and fit and happy one, call us today.


Employee Testimonials

Danielle provides us with fun pilates sessions giving a valuable opportunity to get some exercise at lunchtime and go back to my desk feeling refreshed. Pilates is excellent for stretching and strengthening muscles that get strained or forgotten when doing desk work and I have noticed a positive difference. She is attentive to everyone and provides exercises that can be done at your own individual level.

I originally started Pilates a few years back as I had heard this was good for strengthening the core which I needed to help improve my Netball skills. This has improved not only my game but I also noticed that I have less back issues while sitting for long periods at my desk. In addition to this my balance and flexibility have also improved making just general life easier.
Karen N - Abcam

Employer Testimonial

At Abcam we believe that the well being of our staff is as important as their safety. It is important to ensure that we maintain well being in such a changing and dynamic working environment. A healthy, engaged and resilient workforce is more productive and profitable in terms of efficiency, customer relations, team working loyalty and retention, and sustainable performance.
It has been shown that having a break from your desk at lunchtime increases productivity after lunch. Therefore Abcam have various activities arranged during our lunchtime breaks such as yoga, Pilates and boot camp sessions. All these activities are subsidised by the company to ensure that they are accessible to everyone. In addition to the weekly sessions we also run quarterly safety and well being awareness days which further promotes well being and safety in a positive and fun way.
Rebecca M - Abcam

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