Early Morning Bootcamps!

Start your day the Escential way!!!

Awesome 50 minute bootcamp sessions in the beautiful outdoors!

Run in blocks of 6 weeks throughout the year.... yes we are still there in the depths of winter and do you know what - its totally amazing and invigorating! Last Christmas we even had a fully dressed santa at bootcamp at 6:30 in the morning! A sight not to be missed!!!

For anyone that has a busy life (which is most of us these days) these sessions are ideal to fit in around home and work schedules. All sessions are 50 minutes long to make sure we are home in time for 7:30am and ready for the day ahead!

* Wake up
* Get Dressed
* Exercise (the best bit)
* Kick start your metabolism
* Awaken those endorphins


Tuesday Fen Drayton 6:30am
Thursday 6:30am Swavesey 6:30am

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